Osman Bakar’s Latest Publication:

Quranic Pictures of the Universe: The Scriptural Foundation of Islamic Cosmology




“God raises in degrees those of you who believe and those to whom knowledge is given.”

The Quran: Repentance, Verse 72


“He (Allah) gives wisdom (hikmah) unto whom He will, and he unto whom wisdom is given, he truly has received abundant good.”

The Quran: The Cow, Verse 269



“Knowledge is better than riches since knowledge guards you whereas you have to guard riches. Knowledge governs while riches are governed. Riches diminished with spending but knowledge increases therewith.”

‘Ali ibn Abi Talib


“Solomon, the son of David, was asked to choose between knowledge, wealth and power; he chose knowledge and was thereby blessed with wealth and power as well.”

Ibn ‘Abbas


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